2024/2025 Transfers

You will be met inside the arrivals hall by the driver at Cafe La Manon. Further details will be confirmed in your confirmation, which you will receive 2-3 weeks before arrival. The transport time from Malaga airport to Finca Naundrup is 30 minutes.

Please note there will also be transfers from the resort to the airport on Saturdays, for those who wish to depart a day early.

2024-07-28AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-07-28AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-07-28AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-07-29AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-08-03Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-08-04Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-08-04Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-08-04Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-08-04Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-08-04AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-08-04AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-08-04AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-08-05AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-08-10Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-08-10Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-08-11Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-08-11Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-08-11Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-08-11Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-08-11AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-08-11AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-08-11AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-08-12AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-08-17Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-08-17Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-08-18Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-08-18Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-08-18Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-08-18Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-08-18AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-08-18AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-08-18AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-08-19AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-08-24Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-08-24Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-08-25Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-08-25Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-08-25Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-08-25Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-08-25AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-08-25AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-08-25AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-08-26AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-08-31Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-08-31Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-09-01Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-09-01Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-09-01Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-09-01AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-09-01AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-09-01AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-09-02AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-09-07Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-09-07Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-09-08Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-09-08Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-09-08Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-09-08Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-09-08AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-09-08AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-09-08AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-09-09AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-09-14Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-09-14Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-09-15Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-09-15Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-09-15Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-09-15Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-09-15AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-09-15AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-09-15AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-09-16AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-09-21Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-09-21Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-09-22Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-09-22Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-09-22Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-09-22Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-09-22AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-09-22AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-09-22AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-09-23AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-09-28Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-09-28Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-09-28Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport16:30
2024-09-29Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-09-29Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-09-29Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-09-29Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-09-29AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-09-29AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-09-29AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-09-30AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-10-02AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-10-02AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:00
2024-10-03AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup01:15
2024-10-05Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-10-05Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-10-06Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-10-06Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-10-06Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-10-06Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-10-06AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-10-06AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-10-06AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-10-07AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-10-12Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-10-12Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-10-13Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-10-13Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-10-13Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-10-13Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-10-13AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-10-14AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-10-20Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-10-20Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-10-20Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-10-20Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-10-20AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-10-20AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-10-21AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-10-26Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport04:00
2024-10-26Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:15
2024-10-27Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport09:00
2024-10-27Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport13:15
2024-10-27Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport14:45
2024-10-27AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:30
2024-10-27AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup15:30
2024-10-27AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup20:00
2024-10-28AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup00:30
2024-11-06AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup11:15
2024-11-06AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup13:00
2024-11-10Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-11-10Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport08:00
2024-11-10Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport11:00
2024-11-20AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup10:45
2024-11-20AGP airport -> Finca Naundrup13:00
2024-11-24Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport03:45
2024-11-24Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport08:00
2024-11-24Finca Naundrup -> AGP airport15:00