About Us | Marbella Fitness Camp

Frank Naundrup & Lena Lionett Founders of Marbella Fitness Camp

We, Lena and Frank, moved to Spain in August 2007. Frank stopped his professional career as a basketball player in 2010 and the idea of Marbella Fitness Camp arose. But it had to be unique - not just like any other active holiday. The focus was the opportunity to share the experience with others and the camps should be for everyone! In collaboration with Susanne Knudsen, one of our instructors who have been with us from the beginning, we started with two camps in 2013 - primarily Zumba but soon we decided to take on Cross Training as well. As the years have passed, we have gone from 2 weeks of camps with a total of 26 participants to 24 already planned weeks in 2018. Some of the camps are public, while others are private for boxing clubs, Cross Training Centres etc.

Our camps run from the beginning of spring until the end autumn.

When emailing you will receive an answer from Lena. I’m responsible for all administration. Frank is responsible for all the practical things such as first contact, transfers, training area etc. On our camps we are always both present.

Our objectives are very simple:

We look forward to welcoming you at Marbella Fitness Camp – you will not regret it!